What's the phone number?
Drive-in movie information: 604.856.5063 Swap Meet information: 604-856-5165 Back to top of page

What forms of payment are accepted?
The main box-office accepts cash and INTERAC cards. The secondary box-office, which is only open on busy nights, is cash only (please watch for the signs). The concession is cash only, however, an ATM is located inside the concession for your convenience. The ATM accepts debit cards, Mastercards, Visa and American Express. (US cards do not work) Back to top of page

Can I bring in outside food?
NO. Movie theatres survive on the concession revenue; up to 90% of the box-office goes to the film companies. In order to keep the drive-in around for a long time, we ask that you respect this rule. Your support at the concession is what keeps the drive-in open! Commercial foods from other food establishments are not allowed as it hurts our sales. We are a food establishment after all. You would not bring your Wendy's food to a MacDonald's. It is discourteous and hurts our business. Anyone with outside food or drinks will be asked to leave and/or denied entry. (If you bring required special medical related food or fruit from home then we will allow that, as long as you do not use our condiments.) Back to top of page

When does the drive-in close for the winter?
We close about the end of NOVEMBER, depending on weather and attendance. We re-open about mid to late FEBRUARY, depending on the weather. Back to top of page

Does the movie play in the rain?
YES. The movie plays rain or shine or snow. However, if there are less than 5 people before the first show starts, the show may be cancelled. Back to top of page

What time does the movie start?
Typically, the movie starts at dusk. However, the earliest the first movie will start is 7:30pm. Please check individual weekly show schedules for exact times. Back to top of page

How many movies can I stay for?
You can come or stay for as many movies as you want on the night you come. It is the same price regardless of how many movies you watch. Back to top of page

Do I have to stay for all the movies?
NO. You can leave whenever you want. Back to top of page

What time does the box-office open?
On Fridays & Saturdays in the summer, the box-office will open about 90 minutes before the first showtime. However, we will open earlier if there is a long line-up. During the week, the box-office usually opens 30-45 minutes before showtime. Back to top of page

What time should I arrive?
On the weekends, if it's sunny, arrive early to avoid the long line-ups and/or being turned away if we are sold out. If you come about an hour before the showtime you should be fine. During the week is not as busy, so about 30 minutes before showtime should be fine. Back to top of page

Can I get in after the show starts?
YES. We do not shut the gates unless we are full. You can come in anytime. During the movie or right before a show starts. Back to top of page

Can I get in just for the second show?
YES. If the first show is sold out, we let in more cars after cars leave after the first show. Also, if the drive-in is sold out, you can park outside and walk-in. Back to top of page

Can I bring my camper/RV/motorhome?
Large RVs & motorhomes that are too long to park on the rows will not be admitted. Small campers may be admitted, depending on field conditions, during the week (Monday - Thursday). Back to top of page

Do I need a car or can I walk-in?
A car is not needed to go to the drive-in. Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and walk-in! You may also want to bring a boom-box or you can just listen to your neighbour's radio. If the drive-in is sold out, you can park in the front lot and walk-in. Back to top of page

Where should I park?
All vehicles over 5 feet in height (trucks, vans, SUVs) must park in the designated overheight area. On the weekends, that's usually middle of the field and back (you'll see the big sign). During the week, overheights may be able to park closer. Cars can always park anywhere (they usually park in the front). Back to top of page

Where is the best parking spot?
The best spot is the one that you pick. The drive-in is so well engineered (over-engineered perhaps) that all the sight-lines are perfect from all parking spot. Back to top of page

Can I sit on the grass and/or take two spots?
Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space. Most of our spaces can handle two vehicles. Please do not occupy additional spaces with lawn chairs or blankets. Please Note - You must park close enough to the poles so that someone can pull in beside you. You can sit on the grass and use lawn chairs or blankets, directly in front of your vehicle. Back to top of page

I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?
NO. Every parking spot is first-come, first serve. The best option you have here is to either all come together in the same vehicle, or have your friends walk-in later. Or you can all come during the week when the crowds are smaller. Back to top of page

Can I park backwards?
YES. You can pull in backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle. However, your back hatch must be tied down to the level of your roof so that you won't block people behind you. Back to top of page

Where are the speakers on the poles?
GONE. We broadcast directly into your car's stereo nowadays. We broadcast in FM STEREO. Any radio can pick up the movie soundtrack - a boombox, walkman etc. Back to top of page

Can I leave and come back in?
NO. Unless it's an extreme circumstance. Please see the box-office attendant. But for the most part, no in and out priviledges. Back to top of page

Can I let my children run around the parking lot?
NO. Remember there are cars driving around. They can play in the area in front of the screen before the show starts. Please supervise your children. Back to top of page

How many cases of beer am I allowed to bring in?
ZERO. Drinking and driving is against the law. Please leave the beer at home - no alcohol allowed on the premises. Back to top of page

Can I bring a BBQ to the drive-in?
NO. Please buy our hot dogs and hamburgers. Back to top of page

How late is the concession open?
About 10 minutes into the last show. There will be a last call for the concession made on the radio. Back to top of page

Are there any restrictions on the use of my stereo, like for example the volume?
Volume and bass are restricted especially if other patrons complain; use your common sense. In the event of complaints, the sound must be turned down. Also, we only allow patrons to listen to our station while on the property (including before and during the shows and intermission). If you are playing a commerical station or a CD make sure you can only hear it in your own vehicle. Again, it's always good to check with your neighbours on this sort of thing before they might complain to us. If you refuse to abide by these rules you will be asked to leave the drive-in. Back to top of page

Can I talk during the movies?
YES, if the people in your car will let you. That's the nice thing about going to the drive-in, you can talk during the movies! However, please be considerate of those around you; donít yell or use profanity to disturb others. THINK about what you do before you do it. Back to top of page

Can I smoke?
Smoking/vaping is prohibited in the concession, washrooms, and 6 meters around their doorways. For the safety and comfort of other guests, smoking/vaping is prohibited in the parking area. Smoking/vaping is only permitted in the designated smoking area along the North treeline. Back to top of page

Can I bring my cat/dog/monkey/ferret?
Yes, as long as the animal is harmless to the customers and our operation. Management reserves the right to refuse any animal (including human) admission. Please clean up after your pet. Back to top of page

My car has daytime running lights that I can't defeat. What should I do?
Most daytime running lights will turn off if the emergency brake is engaged. If this does not work, please bring cardboard or something else to cover your headlights. Back to top of page

Will the drive-in kill my battery? And if so, what do I do?
Leaving your radio on should not kill your battery. Start your car at intermission to be sure its still alive. In the event that it does die, we have a booster pack in the concession for your convenience. Back to top of page

How much do the people in the trunk cost?
People in the trunk are required to pay regular admission. At the box-office, please declare how many people you have in your trunk. Failure to do so will result in the ejection of your whole vehicle. Back to top of page

Why don't you play some of the old classic movies?
Even though we are fans of old movies, the unfortunate fact is most people want to see the new films and very few want to spend their money on older films. Also, old 35mm prints of films are very hard to come by, as most film distrubutors do not keep copies and therefore it becomes extremely difficult to obtain some of these old treasures. Back to top of page

Can you tell me when you are playing a specific movie, or whats playing on a specific date?
We usually know what movies are playing about a week before the playdate. All our comfirmed playdates can be found on our website. Back to top of page

How many cars does the drive-in hold?
The Twilight Drive-In has a capacity of 436 cars. Back to top of page

How big is the drive-in screen?
The Twilight Drive-In's screen stands 20 feet off the ground and is 40 feet high by 94 feet wide. (Thats the equivalent to a 1224" T.V.). We project in the true "scope aspect ratio" of 2.35:1 (That means the picture is 2.35 times wider than taller, for films produced in scope aspect ratio). Back to top of page

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